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Barts Hospital in London has a long list of satisfied patients who were treated appropriately. Even in the best of circumstances, with the best of intentions, there are occasionally going to be human errors that may result in personal injury to the patient. Do you feel that this happened to you? Do you feel that you have a personal injury as a result of error on the part of a medical professional at Barts Hospital who was treating you, perhaps even a personal injury that will effect you for the rest of your life? If so, you might want to consider making a medical negligence compensation claim against Barts Hospital. Our personal injury solicitors who deal with medical negligence will be very pleased to talk with you. They will give you their professional opinion as to whether you have a reason to start a medical negligence compensation claim against Barts Hospital. If you would prefer to talk with a same sex solicitor, please make this known in your initial contact. You can contact our medical negligence solicitors by phone, contact form or email. Our advice is given without charge and our discussion will put you under no obligation to us, any decision on progressing your claim after talking with one of our solicitors will be completely your own. You have nothing to lose and you just might have something to gain.

Negligent Acts

It is important to recognise that within the context of medicine, failure does not necessarily mean negligence. Sometimes, no matter how hard a healthcare professional tries, a patient is not helped by the medical procedure administered to them. If the procedure used is recognised as a legitimate treatment by a body of healthcare providers and is administered properly, then while it may have failed for you, that doesn't mean that the healthcare provider did anything wrong in recommending it and using it in your care. If, however, a treatment wasn't administered properly or wasn't considered a proper treatment for your particular condition by most healthcare providers than you may have a medical negligence claim. You're not a legal professional and you're not sure why not consult someone who is? We have a team of highly qualified medical negligence solicitors who, after hearing what you have to say, will be pleased to give their opinion at no cost to you and without any obligation on your part. We want to help.

Time Limits

There are time limits in all personal injury compensation claims. No matter how clear your medical negligence compensation claim against Barts Hospital, failure to act upon it within a proper time frame may cause you to lose out completely. Don't hesitate, find out now. We are only a phone call away. Talk to our highly qualified team of medical negligence solicitors. There's no cost and no pressure. Our solicitors give you thier opinion and will be happy to help you if you so choose, but all decisions are in your hands. Don't wait, you might wait too long to succeed.

HELPLINE: ☎ 0344 414 0019