Great Ormond Street Hospital Medical Negligence Solicitors

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Whilst most patients receive adequate treatment from Great Ormond Street Hospital there are times when things go wrong and some unfortunate patients suffer personal injury as a result of medical negligence. If you believe that your childs treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital was less than adequate and that they have suffered personal injury our specialist medical negligence solicitors will advise you at no cost and with no further obligation. For free advice simply call the helpline or email our offices or send the contact form.

Negligent Errors?

The fact that a particular treatment undertaken at Great Ormond Street Hospital fails does not always indicate the presence of medical negligence. Provided that the failed treatment was supported by a substantial body of the medical profession, that it was a logical course of action and that it was administered with a reasonable degree of skill and care then there will be no finding of medical negligence against Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Time Limits

There are time limits that apply to all medical negligence compensation claims and in general terms a claim must be settled or legal proceedings must have been issued in a court of law within three years of the discovery of the injury subject to certain exemptions including those who are mentally disabled and minors. Limitation is a complex matter and qualified advice from a medical negligence solicitor should always be sought.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is available for medical negligence compensation claims and almost all children will qualify with a nil contribution from their parents. Only the child's personal income and assets are assessed ensuring that most children will receive 100% legal aid to cover all of the potential legal costs with a nil contribution from the parents thereby removing all risk.

HELPLINE: ☎ 0344 414 0019