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Most patients who receive treatment at Kings College Hospital find that they are helped, but this isn't always the case. There are times when things go wrong which may be the result of medical negligence. If you have been placed in this position and have suffered a personal injury as a result of incompetence by healthcare practitioners in the employ of Kings College Hospital you may wonder if you have a viable compensation claim for injuries caused by negligent treatment. Is there a possibility that you might be entitled to compensation for the pain you are experiencing? You may hesitate to accuse anyone of having harmed you through inadequate or inappropriate treatment because you don't know for sure, but our specialist medical negligence solicitors will be able to get to the bottom of it and give you detailed advice on the potential for success in a medical negligence claim against Kings College Hospital. If you decide to pursue a medical negligence compensation claim and you want our help, our solicitors will gladly assist you. Contact our medical negligence solicitors now, through our email, web-form or telephone helpline. If you would prefer to talk with a same sex lawyer just let us know as soon as possible.

Negligent Treatment

The fact that treatment provided by Kings College Hospital is unsuccessful does not necessarily indicate medical negligence. Provided that the treatment was logical, was supported by a body of medical opinion and was carried out properly there may be no opportunity to allege negligence however if the healthcare provider failed to reach an acceptable standard of care when compared with others in the same field there may be an opportunity to succeed in a medical negligence compensation claim. To find out if you have a viable compensation claim against Kings College Hospital contact our medical negligence solicitors, share your story and let us give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience, then decide what action to take.

Time Limits

Times up! We've all heard those words at some point. There are time limits in personal injury compensation claims. While there may be some exceptions for minors and the mentally incapacitated failure to act within the time limits may mean that the opportunity to claim compensation is lost forever. If you are in any doubt about time limits our personal injury solicitors will advise you.

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