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Do you believe that the treatment that was administered to you at the Kingston Hospital in London was inadequate or improper and has resulted in personal injury? What do you plan to do about it? Most of the people who receive treatment at the Kingston Hospital receive the best care possible however unfortunately things do not always go as planned. If you believe that you have suffered personal injury because your treatment was inadequate or inappropriate our medical negligence solicitors may be able to help you. If you were injured at the Kingston Hospital because of a healthcare professional's failure to reach a reasonable standard of care you should talk to a specialist medical negligence solicitor. If you decide to start legal proceedings for compensation for personal injury our medical negligence solicitors will be pleased to act as your representative in dealing with the Kingston Hospital. Just call our helpline, use our contract form or send us an email and one of our solicitors will be there for you. If you wish to talk with a same sex lawyer, please make this fact known as soon as possible. After speaking to us you will be under no obligation to use our services or to pursue your claim and you will not be charged for talking with us. Call now, you just may be glad you did.

Standard of Care

Even though you have suffered personal injury whilst at the Kingston Hospital and you may feel that it is because of mishandling of your condition by medical practitioners, this may not in reality be the case. It is initially important to consider the treatment to establish if it is a recognised course of treatment which would be considered proper to apply to your condition. If it was approved by a substantial body of medical opinion there may be no negligence even though alternative treatment may have been more successful. If however the treatment lacked the usual degree of skill and care there may well be a case to claim medical negligence. If you believe that you have a viable medical negligence compensation claim against the Kingston Hospital or one of its healthcare providers please talk to one of our specialist solicitors.

Time Limits

Our lives often seem to be controlled by time. A medical negligence compensation claim against the Kingston Hospital is no exception. If you think that you have a claim for personal injury it is important to start the legal procedures as soon as possible after the incident that caused the injury. Medical negligence time limits are complex legal issues. Talking with a legal professional about limitation is the smart thing to do - give us a call.

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