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Have you suffered personal injury because of improper or inadequate treatment at the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital? Even though most patients are entirely satisfied with the standard of care at the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital that doesn't mean that they don't make mistakes. If you've been injured because of the carelessness of someone working at the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital you should claim damages for personal injury and loss caused by medical negligence. Most laymen have no idea about the principles of medical negligence and whether in reality they have a viable claim. We are here to help and our specialist medical negligence solicitors will guide you through the complexities of proving liability against the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital. We will gladly share our knowledge with you at absolutely no cost or obligation. Contact us now. Phone us, email us or use our web-form. If you prefer to talk with a same sex lawyer, that's the way it will be. If we determine that you do have a valid case and you want our medical negligence solicitors to represent you we will do so on a no win no fee* basis.

Negligent Treatment

Are you hesitating because you just aren't sure if the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital was negligent or not? If you take the matter to court its a judge who will ultimately settle the issue, but we can give you our opinion in advance to enable you to decide whether or not to take legal action. If the treatment in question is logical and is recognised as being proper by a substantial body of medical opinion and has been properly administered, then even if the treatment didn't work for you, there probably is no case to allege medical negligence. However, what if the treatment was a proper one but it wasn't administered properly? It is incumbent on a healthcare provider to reach a reasonable standard of care when compared to other reasonably competent healthcare providers and failure to do so may indicate negligence. Unless you're a lawyer you are probably not going to be one hundred percent sure unless you take qualified legal advice from a solicitor or barrister. Our specialist solicitors are experienced medical negligence practitioners and are able to give you detailed advice on whether or not you have a viable claim against the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital. We'll give you the benefit of our knowledge with no charge and no further obligation. Contact us and let's talk.

Time Limits

There are time limits on taking legal action for personal injury compensation claims against the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital. If you put it off too long and exceed the limitation period, then you have no case, no matter how legitimate your claim is otherwise shown to be. Exceed the time limits and the opportunity to claim compensation may be lost forever subject to exceptions for minors and the mentally incapacitated. Do it for yourself, do it for your family - find out now. To contact us use the web-form, email or simply pick up the telephone and call us on our helpline. Talk to our specialist medical negligence solicitors. If we think you have a viable medical negligence case, we'll tell you there and then and we'll also tell you how long you have left and the estimated value.

HELPLINE: ☎ 0344 414 0019