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We must make the point that most people who receive treatment at St James University Hospital in Leeds believe that it was adequate and appropriate for their needs however a small minority people may not feel the same way. On the occasions when things do go wrong our medical negligence solicitors can help you to ascertain if a compensation award is appropriate. Do you think that this happened in your case? Do you believe that you may have received inadequate treatment or inappropriate care and may have a claim of negligence against St James University Hospital? If so, why don't you take advantage of our free advice service? Our specialist medical negligence solicitors will be pleased to talk with you and after hearing what you have to say will be happy to give you a qualified legal opinion. You can contact us by phone, email or web-form at absolutely no cost to you. If you wish to talk with a same sex lawyer, simply make that clear on the initial contact. Talking with our medical negligence solicitors puts you under no obligation. If you decide not to proceed then you will not be charged.

Negligent Actions

If you have suffered personal injury and you believe that it may be due to negligence on the part of the healthcare professionals working at St James University Hospital, you may be considering taking legal action for compensation however you may hesitant due to the 'what if' factor. What if the healthcare providers have done their very best to help you and their efforts have failed? What if they were not negligent? What if they were not to blame? In fact, the failure of treatment doesn't necessarily imply negligence but it may do. We have a team of highly trained medical negligence solicitors who will be pleased to listen to what you have to say and give you their opinion on both liability and the value of a potential award, at absolutely no cost and with no obligation on your part. Please feel free to contact us, we want to help.

Time Limits

Some things can't be put off forever and one of those things is a compensation claim for personal injury caused by medical negligence. If an injury claim isn't settled or if proceedings haven't been issued in a court of law within a certain time [known as the limitation period], the prospect of receiving an award of compensation may be lost to you forever. We would like to provide you with the opportunity to talk with one of our medical negligence solicitors about your potential case in order to get their opinion. This is at absolutely no cost to you. You have nothing to lose by talking to our solicitors and just may have something substantial to gain. Limitation matters are complex legal issues. Talk to our experts, let us help.

HELPLINE: ☎ 0344 414 0019